Friday, February 17, 2017

Extra! Extra! Illustrators to Crawl Out of Their Reclusive Holes to Attend Special Event!

This Saturday (that's right, tomorrow) a rarely seen occurrence will transpire. Illustrators will converge for the annual SCBWI Illustrators Conference to take place at The Sons of the Utah Pioneers Building in Salt Lake City.

These usually hermetic creatures will gather to listen to some fabulous presenters. The dynamic duo of Greg and Hala Wittwer Swearingen are a creative couple that have illustrated many o' books. Both are award winning artists. And last but not least, the prodigious art director from Peachtree Publishing, Nicki Carmack, will also present and review some few fortunate individuals' portfolios.

To find out more about this exciting and rare occurrence follow this link here.

I can't wait to see you there tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Drawing Class_Schedule

Jennifer Eichelberger’s Drawing Class Schedule
This is an 8 week course. In this class I will be sending home assignments that they
will be required to complete each week. It won’t be tons of work, mostly just one or
sometimes two drawings. I urge parents to encourage their child with this 
class. If the students put in the work they will see their natural talent for drawing
blossom. Consider this class as you would a piano class. If they put in the practice 
they will improve, if not they will stay the same as always.  

Lesson 1 October 6th What will be covering. What is expected of each student. First drawings. 
One point perspective. Homework-drawing of one point perspective room.

Lesson 2 October 13th. One point perspective room.

Lesson 3 October 27th Two point perspective. First construction Drawing. Homework-drawing 
of two point perspective room.

Lesson 4 November 3rd Two point perspective. Construction Drawing. Homework-drawing 
of two point perspective construction drawing.

Lesson 5 November 10th Ellipses. Construction drawings. Homework- Construction drawing
with ellipses.

Lesson 6 November 17th Ellipses. Construction drawings. Homework- Construction drawing
with ellipses.

Lesson 7 December 1st Construction drawings. Homework- Final.  

Lesson 8 December 8th Final is due. We’ll work on fixing the finer points of their final.

In December, probably the 10th I will hold a art show and Christmas party. This will give friends and 
family the opportunity to see the work that the students have done and also mingle with everyone.

This schedule is subject to change. In order to participate in class your child will need to bring their 
payment at the beginning of class $20. If your child has done one hour of service outside of their
family that week, they will receive a $5 discount. But to be eligible for the $5 discount, they will have
to have the person for whom they served call me to report.

Another way to receive a $5/class discount is by paying for the eight week course up front.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Drawing lessons: More of what we will be learning

Besides one point perspective, I'll being teaching two point perspective. Such as the following.
I'll teach them to apply this technique in an outdoor or indoor environment.

Those who would like to sign up their 10-18 year old to take this drawing class, please send me a private message with your email. I will send you detailed information regarding the class rules and expectations. I will also include the materials needed you'll need to bring to class.

Follow this link to learn a bit more about the class.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Drawing Lessons: What will be taught?

This first 8 week course I will be covering the foundational principles of drawing. The very first lesson I'll be teaching you child about one point perspective. I'll teach them how to draw a landscape similar to this.
 They will learn how to make regular intervals going back in space. Then after the have completed this task, I will teach them how to draw a room such as the one of the bellow drawings.
If your 10-18 year old is ready to take their drawing skills to the next level, sign them up today. Lessons start on October 6th!

I'm looking forward to shaping your child's talents and watch them grow with their art skills!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Drawing Lessons

I have thought about giving art lessons for some time. I've had all kinds of excuses why not to do it, like my own projects, being a mom, and nervous that I won't be a good teacher. But I do have knowledge that others may find useful. Perhaps it's time to impart some of what I know to others.

I will be teaching basic drawing techniques. This is not an art class that explores personal creativity. This is for those who want to improve upon their drawing skills.

Students must have an appetite to learn and are willing to listen. I will require the students to bring their own art supplies. For this course kids will only need pencils and paper. I will be specifying exactly the kind they should get.

There is space for six students. They must be between the ages of 10-18. The class will be held Thursday afternoon from 4:00-6:00. The cost is $20/class.

The course will be 8 weeks. I will offer two options for a discount. Either a student can spend an hour performing service for someone outside their family (there will be accountability.) Or you can pay for the full eight weeks up front. The discount is $5 off per class. The one hour of service will have to be performed every week you'd like the discount.

I'm excited to help young minds learn to draw more effectively. I can also help students who are working on their Reflections Projects. But the focus of each class will be to learn the foundation of drawing.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Text and paper design

Follow the link bellow to view examples of text design.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Love God

I have been meaning to make this blog post for quite some time, but I've not been sure what to write about. I know the gist of it. How I feel God's love on a daily basis, but I kept trying to figure out how to tie it in with my art.

I've put it off long enough that I'm not going to bother trying to make an art connection.  I'm going to go ahead and write the blog post.

My greatest fault is that of inaction. I've felt a pull from the Divine that I need to do this (write my feelings about God so as to be a light.) I need to do more to share my testimony. But I have hidden that light under a bushel. And that's not doing anyone any good including me. I admit I have hesitated to testify on my blog, but I'm casting my fear aside and I'm diving head in.

I haven't always been in a position where I could feel God's love every day. And it wasn't because I was rebellious. I fulfilled every church calling I had. I prayed daily. I wasn't completely devoid of the spirit of God either. I know that even during my times of trail and doubt I would receive small blessings from Him and I'd feel His love.

There was a time in my life when I was a new mother that I had a pretty major crisis of faith which I will make a specific blog post about later. But through trusting in God and trusting that the things He had already shown me were good, I came through that trial with greater faith and greater humility.

You know, testifying can be a death sentence to a career. I'm sure many people are turned off by just mentioning God. But I've decided that there are things far greater and far more important than my aspirations. And I am willing to do what God wants me to do. So, if this can spark faith in just one person, even if that means I don't do another commissioned illustration in my life (that's exaggerating. I don't think that will happen) but if it does, I am at peace with it. And I will glory in my God.