Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Cupcake Day!

Into every life some crumbs must fall.

Like last night's dinner was ruined because after spending an hour and a half preparing, we discovered that the zucchini I used was moldy. I threw away an entire casserole.

Or like when Mary fell off the monkey bars the other day and crashed hard on her head. And we ended up taking her the emergency room that night.

Or when our furnace wasn't working on Sunday even after trouble shooting, so we ended up calling in a technician later this week to diagnose the problem.

But don't worry, turns out they're all cupcake crumbs.

After throwing away dinner we ended up eating out.

In talking with the doctor at the emergency room, we learned that Mary only suffered from a mild concussion, and we learned from him what to look for if it is more serious.

And when the technician looked at our furnace he found that it functioned fine, but there was one part that was broken that could have caused much bigger problems down the line. He was able to replace it very easy.

Cupcake crumbs are delicious!