Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Drawing Class_Schedule

Jennifer Eichelberger’s Drawing Class Schedule
This is an 8 week course. In this class I will be sending home assignments that they
will be required to complete each week. It won’t be tons of work, mostly just one or
sometimes two drawings. I urge parents to encourage their child with this 
class. If the students put in the work they will see their natural talent for drawing
blossom. Consider this class as you would a piano class. If they put in the practice 
they will improve, if not they will stay the same as always.  

Lesson 1 October 6th What will be covering. What is expected of each student. First drawings. 
One point perspective. Homework-drawing of one point perspective room.

Lesson 2 October 13th. One point perspective room.

Lesson 3 October 27th Two point perspective. First construction Drawing. Homework-drawing 
of two point perspective room.

Lesson 4 November 3rd Two point perspective. Construction Drawing. Homework-drawing 
of two point perspective construction drawing.

Lesson 5 November 10th Ellipses. Construction drawings. Homework- Construction drawing
with ellipses.

Lesson 6 November 17th Ellipses. Construction drawings. Homework- Construction drawing
with ellipses.

Lesson 7 December 1st Construction drawings. Homework- Final.  

Lesson 8 December 8th Final is due. We’ll work on fixing the finer points of their final.

In December, probably the 10th I will hold a art show and Christmas party. This will give friends and 
family the opportunity to see the work that the students have done and also mingle with everyone.

This schedule is subject to change. In order to participate in class your child will need to bring their 
payment at the beginning of class $20. If your child has done one hour of service outside of their
family that week, they will receive a $5 discount. But to be eligible for the $5 discount, they will have
to have the person for whom they served call me to report.

Another way to receive a $5/class discount is by paying for the eight week course up front.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Drawing lessons: More of what we will be learning

Besides one point perspective, I'll being teaching two point perspective. Such as the following.
I'll teach them to apply this technique in an outdoor or indoor environment.

Those who would like to sign up their 10-18 year old to take this drawing class, please send me a private message with your email. I will send you detailed information regarding the class rules and expectations. I will also include the materials needed you'll need to bring to class.

Follow this link to learn a bit more about the class.