Friday, June 26, 2015

#UnfinishedSeries-Sad troll at Happy Hour

This one is so nearly done, but I stopped working on it. You might think, "Well, Jen if its so close to being done why don't you go ahead and finish it?" And you would have a very valid point.

But the whole purpose of me doing these unfinished pieces is because whenever I've started posting on my blog, I've felt a compulsion to have a new finished illustration or at the very least a stunning drawing.

I'm showing these unfinished works so that I can take the pressure off of myself and just post.

I don't have any pearls of wisdom (at this point.) I'm just posting.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#UnfinishedSeries-Crazy Week

This week has been a major roller coaster ride.

My husband and I have been going back and forth about selling our home. We needed to do some repairs and cleaning. Our living room carpet was nasty (no amount of shampooing could fix that.) We have one bathroom. We don't have enough bedrooms. We'd like a bigger back yard for our kids to play in. And a quiet street would be nice.

Lets begin the roller coaster. This is the part where we go up.

My sisters come to tear out carpet. UP!
Oh, look! Its hardwood floors underneath! Up! Yippee!
Wait a minute! What are these two gaping holes in the floor, covered with plywood? Down! Nooooo!
My three year old jumps off the bed and breaks her arm! Down! AAAAhhh!
The doctor at the urgent care recommends us to go to Primary Children's emergency! Down! Noooo!
The doctor at Primary's says the break is not so bad. We won't need surgery! UP! Hooray!
But we still have an emergency room copay to pay! Nooooooo!
Rather than try to fix the gaping holes in the living room floors with real hardwood, we decide to laminate it. (This is the part of the roller coaster ride where you just going even and smooth. Just a breather.)
We find some very inexpensive laminate that looks great! Up! Hooray!
My sisters are able to borrow some saws from a friend. We don't have to buy a miter saw! Up! Hooray!
We end up installing a new AC in the van! Hooray!
We pay for the AC. Booo!
It takes all day, but we install the whole living room and hallway! Hooray! (I am so sorry if we woke any of our neighbors with the sounds of the power saws. We got done shortly before 1:00A.M.)

All in all it has been a very exciting week.

The image I'm showing today I think goes well with the way I feel. This is the process I go through when I have work with a client.

First I do a few sketches.

The client picks their favorite. Then I do a finished drawing.
And finally, I paint it. I paint it digitally.
I'm tagging as #unfinishedseries. Even though it is finished, but now your know how one of my images goes from unfinished to finished.

Monday, June 22, 2015

#UnfinishedSeries-Find and Count the Bugs

Here is a fun sketch I did a few years back. I was going to so it as an activity page for my kids, you know, count how many bugs you can find. But I only got as far as the sketch.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

#UnfinishedSeries-Angel Part II

I am continuing my #unfinishedseries. 
Here is another angel.
Several years ago I was going to do an angel series. I only ever drew two. Now for the first time ever I am showing the general public.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

#UnfinishedSeries-Angel Part I

I've been meaning to start posting regularly, but I never know what to post about. Well, I have come up with an idea! I will be posting what I now refer to as my Unfinished Series. These are pictures that most people have not seen. They are works in progress that have been pushed to the back burner.

Here is the first in the Unfinished Series. It is an angle. I should probably come up with a name, but that takes thinking and I don't have enough brains cells to think right now.

Say! I just got an idea. If anyone can come up with a good name for this piece, I will send them a print of this, the first in the Unfinished Series. #unfinishedseries. That would be a very limited edition.
Post your name ideas in the comments. My husband and I will go over them and choose our favorite name.