Monday, April 30, 2012

Mountain Ridge Jr. High Art Show

This was best in Show, and as it turned out it was also the faculty choice.
Last week Mark and I had the privilege of judging an Art Show for Mountain Ridge Jr. High. I must say I was very impressed with the quality of work these young kids were putting out. It was difficult to choose between the various pieces. But here are some of the works from the show.
Honorable mention in Black and White drawing.

Second Place in Black and White drawing.
First Place in Black and White drawing.
The black and white drawing category was the hardest for us to place. The second place piece was executed very well (unfortunately these are terrible photos taken with my camera phone, so you can't see the detail very well.) The one we gave first place to, while compositionally wasn't great, the subject matter and the interior design was quite original.
First Place for Color Photo.
First Place for Black and White Photo.
    I was very impressed with the photography. It was very hard to narrow down the winners, but we did it.
    Bellow are the prizes. These were so cool. I would have loved winning something like this in Jr. High. Heck, I would love to win it now (even though now I do most of my art work digitally.)
Paints, canvasses, and easels. Oh my. 

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