Friday, January 1, 2016

It's a New Year

I hadn't planned on posting today. Funny how things change.

I, like many people, have some new goals for this year. I hate posting about my goals because then I feel all the worse when I fall through with them. On the other hand, I'll feel more responsible for seeing them through.

I've been thinking about the things I'd like to change about myself and how to push forward for the last several weeks. And I've actually been working on some of my goals even before the New Year. I've been working on a story for many years. I tend to work on it in bursts. I'll do very well writing every week. I'll do this for a month or more at a time. But then something inevitably interrupts it, a new baby, freelance work, vacation.

On my list of things to improve upon I have written down; draw more, post on my blog, eat healthier (I've already been working on this one, too), increase my exercise, create a more organized house. At the very bottom of my list I wrote increase my spirituality.

The fact that I put that at the bottom of my list I think indicates just how much I need to do that. Every day I find some excuse to not read my scriptures or forget about kneeling to say my prayers.

So, I'm going to do an experiment. I'm going to rearrange the order of my list. I'm going to put God first.

I want to see what God can make of me if I decide to put Him first. If in the morning I get up early and kneel at my bedside and then open my scriptures to read what will I accomplish in each day.

So here I go.

Day one of 2016

I read a little bit of scriptures this morning.
I ate healthier, smaller portions all day.
I helped my daughter straighten her room.
I did a quick painting.
And I'm making this blog post.
Not bad.
A quick painting of a black bird


Kimberly Packard said...

Happy new year Jenn! You are so talented. I hope you continue to share your work with the world!

balloongal said...

You can do it. Good luck.

jennifer said...

Thanks for those words of encouragement, both of you.