Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keep on keeping on

One of the things that Will Terry suggested that we as artist do is treat our blog like a journal. Not that you put your deepest darkest secrets there, but that you do it for yourself. And oh, well if no one else reads it.

When I was a freshman in High School I became inspired by a teacher of mine, Judy Giles. She was my early morning seminary (Bible studies) teacher. She expressed the importance of keeping a daily journal, and I did so for many years. Its been a long time since I've recorded anything on a daily basis. Its so tedious to me, but I'm determined to plug along.

So, here is one more entry. Now can I put a twist on it to make it fun to read? (not likely, but we'll see.) I'd say its less of a twist and more of a sundae.

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