Monday, March 5, 2012

The Final Count Down

This is what I feel like. I think I probably look like this as well.

The last month is the worst. (Only cause I don't throw up the first three. Don't hate me.) I've got the pregnant woman waddle going on (very attractive.)

The funny thing is that on Saturday while I was wandering the mall attempting to get things going, I saw a teenage boy in tight pants and chains with the same waddle as me. It caused me to wonder whether he was meaning to have a cool strut or if he had been in a tragic accident that made him look as uncomfortable as a nine month pregnant woman.

Either way my sympathy goes out to him.

I'm off to see the doctor. Today I set my inducement but its not going to happen. After five minutes at the hospital they will say come back another day after your a bit more effaced. I'm fine with it (just uncomfortable.) At least I can keep drawing.

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Dicemaster said...

I'm so excited for you! SHoot for the 15th. That's my baby's first birthday. If you don't announce it on facebook, at least message me with all the details after the baby is here. And if you don't know who this is by my username, duh, it's Candice Hurley.