Monday, March 12, 2012

You Have Just Entered the JenEart Zone

In the distance is a doorway. Upon the arch above it is written "The Art of Jennifer Eichelberger." What could lay beyond the passage? Mystery? Enchantment? Horror? There is only one way to find out. You must enter the jenEart Zone.

This is a cover I've recently made for a new portfolio. I'm also finishing up some other paintings to go into my portfolio. As I get them done I'll post them here.

This portfolio will be one that I drop off in person. So, the completed form will only be available to the publishers that I go see. (You publishers can't wait, I bet.) They're drooling at the mouth. More like I'm begging at their door.

So Here it is. The first of my new images. Enjoy.


Nasan Hardcastle said...

That turned out pretty nice!

Manelle said...

yes. I agree it turned out very well.

jennifer said...

Thanks, you guys.